Giving Our Community Fun Things to Do

Events by Laundry Depot

Laundry Depot is more than just a laundromat - it's a community. A place to go for friends and families. Come spend time with us and experience fun things to do when you join our community.

Hurricane Harvey Clothing Drive

Many are need of clean clothes after the devasting hurricane in Texas. Let's come together as a community to help. Donate clothing at any Laundry Depot location near you.

Summer BBQ's & Games

Summers at Laundry Depot are tons of fun! Throughout the summer we have pop-up BBQ and Games days. Come do your laundry and enjoy a fun-filled day.

Reading time

Come down to a Laundry Depot location and spend quality reading time with your children. Enjoy a collection of books to brighten imaginations and expand literacy in our community.

Christmas Dinner with the Marrazzo’s

Every Christmas Day, since 2012, owner of Laundry Depot, Dan Marrazzo and his family prepare meals for those who want to rejoice in the holiday spirit with friends and people they love. This event takes place in the 6,000 square foot Laundry Depot warehouse and is open to anyone in need of a meal or company during the holiday. Sign up for our Community Bulletin emails and check back during the holidays for more details.