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In an effort to stop the spread of COVID19 (Coronavirus), we are offering a curb-side laundry service.

Learn more about it here: Curb-Side Laundry Service

Here's what you get from our curb-side service:

-Never-leave-your-car laundry drop-off and pick up service. We will meet you at your car and load your clothes into our bags. Just call us when you arrive.

-You will pay one flat-rate of $24.99 (comforters, blankets, and coats charged separately) for everything that can fit into one of our laundry bags.

-Get a free clean, and fresh new laundry bag to take your clothes home in.

We always feature wash dry fold laundry service for those too busy to do their own wash. It's a simple three-step process so you can relax and leave the chores to laundry professionals.

Laundry Depot at Your Service

You can drop your clothes in the morning and pick them up clean and folded on your way home. You know you’ve got better things to do, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Drop Off

Simply drop off your laundry at one of our 24 hour locations.

2. Wash Dry Fold

Let Laundry Depot's laundry service professionals wash, dry and fold your laundry while you're going about your day.

3. Pick it Up

We'll notify you when you can pick up your laundry. Then, you can smile thinking about all of the time you just saved.


This service takes you all of two minutes – one minute to drop off your clothes, and one minute to pick then up – so you have more time to engage in the activities you enjoy. Try it out! New customers get 10lbs free with the purchase of 10lbs.

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New Customer?

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Commercial Laundry

We have the ability to handle commercial accounts for towel and linens for cleaning services and health clubs. Contact us for more information!

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